Adam Simpson, English illustrator.

This is “Boundary Hotel Elevator”. A commission to produce an artwork to appear floor to ceiling, all 4 sides of the elevator vestibule at the new ‘Boundary Hotel’ situated on Boundary Street in London. The artwork was devised around a grid of boundary walls. Each walled segment is about 170mm square. The idea behind producing such a detailed artwork was that each journey in the elevator would give the visitor a chance to study a new scene in the artwork. A geometric toile de jouy of sorts. The conversion of the Victorian warehouse building on Boundary Street, into a boutique hotel, was a joint venture between Sir Terence Conran, Lady Conran and Peter Prescott & Partners. The hotel opened in January 2009.

(Text from ADC Young Guns).

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Featured Curator: Roberto Cruz Niemiec [ArchAtlas]

Stefan Bleekrode's work can best be described as everyday snapshots, small bits of beauty in familiar settings. Most of his paintings are set in the everyday (sub)urban settings of North America (particularly the Northeast) and London.  Light is the one single thing many of his paintings revolve about, in the absence of daylight, the intricate patterns of artificial light in deserted streets at night.

Luke Smith is a 19 year old graphic design student from a small town near Leeds, England who posts as lsmgp.

Featured Curator: Roberto Cruz Niemiec [ArchAtlas]

Oral:phabet by Takayuki Ogawa uses the shape of the mouth as it creates the letters from A to Z as the starting point for this beautiful, and grotesque, typographic work.

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Selected works by GIFRIENDS

"GIFRIENDS is a photography and net art collective. Consisting of four friends: AlexMarisaPeter andMichael, GIFRIENDS love to make pictures both moving and still. GIFRIENDS is interested in the Internet and its magic. GIFRIENDS also loves people and the mundane.” (text from the GIFRIENDS portfolio)

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Featured Curator: Mike McDonnell - [mikemcdonnell]

Hannah Epstein- Halifax native, Toronto based video/game design/ rug hooking artist.

Magda Dudziak was born and raised in Poland and she is currently based in Chicago where she is finishing her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She works primarily in collage (analog and digital), mixed media, painting and sporadically in sculpture.

Dudziak’s recent collage work focuses on fragmentation (fragments of memory), displacement, passage of time and perception. She is interested in deconstructing already existing images to create new meaning(s).


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Olya Shamrick is an urban gypsy, writer, photographer, mixed media explorer and stylist who lives through nature, simple living standards and cultural heritage. She brings together digital photography and traditional embroidery techniques together on TLV Birdie by covering lifestyle aspects and creating unique images.

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