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Jolyon Dupuy born 1956 is an artist from Bromley, Kent, UK. 

He began exploring his latent creativity in the early nineties, having had no formal Art school training. He has always collected found objects many of which were from Kingsdown beach and its proximities having spent his childhood holidays in various cottages on the beach. His working career has been in ship broking, chartering ships all over the world for various clients, which is how he came to be scouring the beaches of Spetses for trouve to build his sons a boat – his first piece of work. Thereafter, his work developed from small pieces for indoor and outdoor spaces, to large scale beach sculptures built on Spetsian beaches, Kingsdown beach and recently a commission built on the Thameside at Greenwich. His materials are sourced mainly from the Kent coast, Greece and the River Thames, but also from skips, street side debris, discarded McDonald’s toys and friendly donations. Nothing is unusable.

Much of his work has a figurative element to it; faces, profiles, heads can be found hidden amongst the lines of the pieces, whereas the larger sculptures frequently reflect the sea, incorporating the horizon, mythical creatures and the weather into its components. The imagination of the observer serves to enhance the power of his pieces, the more you look, the more you see.       via

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